Jaephil  Cho, Associate Professor


Nano Energy Materials Laboratory


Department of Applied Chemistry

Hanyang University

1271, Sa-3 dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan

Kyeonggi-do, 426-791







Iowa State University: Ph.D.in Ceramic Engineering (1995)

Iowa State University: M.S.in Ceramic Engineering (1993)

Kyungpook National University: B.S. in Inorganic Materials Engineering (1990)




- Hanyang University, Department of Applied Chemistry, Associate Professor (2008. 02-present)

- Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Chemistry, Associate Professor (2002. 09-2008. 01)

- Samsung SDI, R & D Center, Senior Researcher, (1996.12-2002.08)

- Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Visiting Scholar (2000.12-2001.06)

- Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Post-doctoral Research Associate




Selected Publications


1. Hyojin Lee and Jaephil Cho*
    "Sn78Ge22@Carbon Core-Shell Nanowires as Fast and High Capacity Lithium Storage Media"
     Nano Lett.
 7, 2638 (2007).

2. Haesuk Hwang, Min Gyu Kim, Youngsik Kim, Steve W. Martin, and Jaephil Cho*
    "The Electrochemical Lithium Reactions of Monoclinic ZnP2 Material"
    J. Mater. Chem. Invited paper, Themed Issue on New Energy Materials 17, 3161 (2007).

3. Yoojung Kwon, Hansu Kim, Seok-Gwang Doo, and Jaephil Cho*
    "Sn0.9Si0.1/Carbon Core-Shell Nanoparticles for High-Density Lithium Storage Materials"
     Chem. Mater. 19, 982 (2007).

4. Youngsik Kim, Haesuk Hwang, Min Gyu Kim*, Chong Seung Yoon, and Jaephil Cho*
"Reversible Lithium Intercalation in Teardrop-Shaped Ultrafine SnP0.94 Particles: An Anode Material for Lithium-Ion      Batteries"
     Adv. Mater.
19(1), 92 (2007).

5. Hyunjung Lee, Yoojung Kim, Young-Sik Hong, Yoojin Kim, Min Gyu Kim, Nam-Soo Shin, and Jaephil Cho
"Structural Characterization of the Surface Modified LiXNi0.9Co0.1O2 Cathode Materials by MPO4 Coating
      (M = Al, Ce, SrH, and Fe) for Li-ion Cells"

J. Electrochem. Soc. 153, A781 (2006).
6. Jinyoung Kim and Jaephil Cho
   "SnO2 Filled Mesoporus Tin Phosphate : High Capacity Negative Electrode for Lithium Secondary Battery"
   Electrochem. Solid State Lett. 9, A373 (2006).

7. Mijung Noh, Yoojin Kim, Mingyu Kim, Hyojin Lee, Hyunjung kim, Yoojung Kwon, Youngil Lee, and Jaepil Cho

    &ont> -Capped Tin Metal Nanoparticles for Anode Materials in Lithium Secondary Batteries"

    Chem. Mater. 17, 3320 (2005).

8. Mijung Noh, Yoojung Kwon, Hyojin Lee, Jaephil Cho, Yoojin Kim, Min Gyu Kim

        “Amorphous Carbon-Coated Tin Anode Material for Lithium Secondary Battery”

        Chem. Mater. 17, 1926 (2005).

    9. Eunjin Kim, Mingyu Kim, Yoojin Kim, and Jaephil Cho

    "Effect of Pore Size and Pore Wall Thickness of Mesoporous Phase in Tin Phosphate Composite on      Electrochemical Cycling"

    Electrochem. Solid State Lett. 8(9) , A452 (2005).

10. Eunjin Kim, Dongyeon Son, Tae-Gon Kim, Jaephil Cho, Byungwoo Park, Kwang Sun Ryu, and Soon Ho Chang

     "A Mesoporous/Crystalline Composite Material Containing Tin Phosphate for Use as the Anode in Lithium-Ion       Batteries"
Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 43, 5987 (2004).

11. Joon-Gon Lee, Byoungsoo Kim, Jaepil Cho, Young-Woon Kim, and Byungwoo Park

     " The Effect of a AlPO4 Nano particle Coating Concentration on the Electrochemical Performances in LiCoO2        Cathodes with High Charge-Cutoff Voltages "

      J. Electrochem. Soc. 151, A801 (2004).

12. J. Cho, Y. W. Kim, B. Kim, and B. Park,

     A Breakthrough of Safety Hazard of Li Secondary Battery by AlPO4 Nano-Particle Coating on Cathode        Material

     Angewandte Chemie (international edition)  42, 1618 (2003).

13. J. Cho, J. –G. Lee, B. Kim, and B. Park,

     “ The Effect of P2O5 and AlPO4 Coating on LiCoO2 Cathode Material ”

     Chem. Mater.  15, 3190 (2003).

14. J. Cho, T. J. Kim,  and B. Park,

      “ The Effect of a Metal-Oxide Coating on the Cycling in Orthorhombic LiMnO2 Cathode Materials ”

      J. Electrochem. Soc. 149, A288 (2002).

15. J. Cho, Y. Kim, Y. Kim, and B. Park ,

     “ Zero-Strain Intercalation Cathode for Rechargeable Li-ion Cell ”

     Angewandte Chemie (international edition)  40, 3367 (2001).

16. J. Cho, Y. Kim, Y. Kim, and B. Park ,

      “ Complete blocking of Mn3+ ion Dissolution from a LiMn2O4 Spinel Intercalation Compound by Co3O4         Coating”    

      Chem. Commun.  1074 (2001).

17. J. Cho, B. Park,

      “ Li2+xMn0.91Cr1.09O4 cathode Materials for Li-ion cells

      Electrochem. Solid State Lett.  4, A159 (2001).

18. J. Cho,

      “ Stabilization of spinel-like Phase Transformation of o-LiMnO2 during 55℃ cycling by Sol-Gel Coating of         CoO "

      Chem. Mater.  12, 4537 (2001).

19. J. Cho,

       “ LiNi0.74Co0.26-xMg2Cathode Material for a Li-in Cell ”

       Chem. Mater.  12, 3089 (2000).


Hanyang University

1271, Sa-3 dong

Sangnok-gu, Ansan